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Hi, I'm Pam Sheehan and the day I joined Shaklee, I realized it was the best personal growth program. I learned to dream again as I invisioned how my future could be.

Let's talk and see if what we have is a match for you, okay? I love this work more than all the wonderful things I've done because I'm a natural detective and get to use those skills every day to help thousands protect themselves from harmful chemicals we can't see. I also offer a better life to everyone so they can live with health & vitality. I believe that your health is your number one asset. Without it, what do you have? I  would like to offer you personal solutions for improved physical, environmental and financial health. What do you have to lose?

I'm my own boss and benefit from my own hard work, but get to partner with other entrepreneurs like me. We're smart, passionate, and committed to creating better tomorrows.

How would you like to use YOUR skills? Do you have experience in sales/marketing? Have you owned a business of your own? If not, are you open to training/coaching? Let's talk. Thanks!